An abandoned space in an under-developed or,
better, developing area is being transformed into
an exhibitional space. The visual artists taking
part in it are being called to show their work in a
sterile space. Because they are trained to do so
and because they can do so. Like parapsychologists
they discover or invent the aesthetics that could
come from the remnants of finite ideologies, of
“expired” materials, of a system that failed.
Thus, with the avant-garde air of their nature,
they draw, paint, shape volume, register images
and sounds, exorcise demons, take risks and
sacrifice spiritual essence, in order to highlight
aesthetics, approaching with unique alchemical
reverence utopia. When this hunt of ghosts is over,
it’s the turn of the people with more pragmatic
qualities, the “gentries”, who are going to apply
in the purified landscape a “renovated” economic
principle or the aesthetics of speculation. The
installation Ghostbuster attempts to preclude.

Theofanis Nouskas, 2012, Symbiosis? : Hotel Ariston – 15 Biennale de la Méditerranée Thessaloniki – Rome // Curated by Thouli Mirsiloglou.