Molotov Industry

It was in 1939 that the Finns started to mass-produce the improvised “Molotov” bomb with the support of the state alcohol production industry “ALKO”, in order to face the war situation and confront the Soviet army’s tanks. This was the first time the improvised “Molotov cocktail” was mass-produced. The factory produced 500,000 bombs before production was interrupted due to the dominance of the Finns.

In the post-industrial/neo-capitalist era of information, mass mobilization, which has hardly evolved since the times of the French Revolution, is often inspired by a “sur mesure” moral code of free citizens, to demonstrate for solutions of a political nature.

Over the last few years, a profitable “Molotov cocktail” production unit has invaded marches, demonstrations and road-blocks — exclusively in developed states — with the aim of changing protest practices.

“One explosion of our bombs will let the Media deal with your protest and allow you to broadcast your message and present your political views to public opinion. GUARANTEED!” declares the factory’s manager.

With top quality certifications, associates and many awards in its brief history, the purpose of the factory is to complete the economic cycle of commercialization on the market of protestation and demonstration. It aims to maintain high production standards; to provide exclusive cover for the needs of the modern demonstrator — malcontent — wronged citizen, and to withdraw with dignity from the market having contributed to the relevant change desired by the revolutionary/Western-bred side.

The video of our corporate presentation gives you a tour of our production facilities.

DV 5’02”, 16/9

Theofanis Nouskas